Item details - Caldari Navy Scourge Torpedo
Caldari Navy Scourge Torpedo
An ultra-heavy piercing missile. While it is a slow projectile, its sheer damage potential is simply staggering.
Cargo capacity 0 m3
Mass 1,500 kg
Volume 0.05 m3
Baseprice 30,000 ISK
Structure Hitpoints 360 HP
Maximum Velocity 1500 m/sec
Inertia Modifier 5.22012996673584 x
detonationRange 35 m
Structure Kinetic Damage Resistance 0.800000011920929 %
Structure Thermal Damage Resistance 1 %
Structure Explosive Damage Resistance 1 %
Structure EM Damage Resistance 1 %
EM damage 0 HP
Explosive damage 0 HP
Kinetic damage 517 HP
Thermal damage 0 HP
Used with (Launcher Group) Missile Launcher Torpedo
Primary Skill required Torpedoes
Secondary Skill required Missile Launcher Operation
requiredSkill1Level 1
requiredSkill2Level 1
Maximum Flight Time 6000 s
Tech Level 1 Level
structureUniformity 1
Base Shield Damage 0
Base Armor Damage 0
Meta Level 2 Level
aimedLaunch 1
Explosion Velocity 71 m/sec
Explosion Radius 450 m
aoeFalloff 1500
aoeDamageReductionFactor 0.9440000057220459
aoeDamageReductionSensitivity 5.5
metaGroupID 4
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