Corporation details - EVE University [E-UNI]
Alliance: Ivy League CEO: Laura Karpinski
Kills: 478 HQ:
Losses: 100 Members: 1847
ISK destroyed: 440.62B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 7.16B Tax Rate: 0.1%
Efficiency: 98.40% Website:
EVE University - EVE's premier teaching organization
Successfully teaching players since 2004

For the past sixteen years, EVE University has provided countless new players the skillset and knowledge they need to survive and thrive in New Eden. It also hosts the EVE University Wiki, a community encyclopedia that is widely acclaimed as the most comprehensive database of knowledge about EVE in existence, as well as the EVE University Class Library, which makes numerous recordings of past lectures available to the public free of charge.

We are always happy to accept new students! Please see here for further information on the application process.

If you have any questions - about joining or about the game in general - our public help channel EVE University (E-UNI) will hopefully be able to provide answers.

If you are an experienced player looking to join our Faculty, please refer to our wiki pages on
becoming a Guest Lecturer and Exceptional Recruitment.

For diplomatic or engagement issues, please refer to the Ivy League alliance description.
Top Scorers
July 2020
Pilot Points
All time
Pilot Points
Shiro Neutronica 1. Shiro Neutronica 12430
Mrakling 2. Mrakling 7693
Izmaragd Dawnstar 3. Izmaragd Dawnstar 6351
dark102042 Arzi 4. dark102042 Arzi 6260
Arnold Hita 5. Arnold Hita 5974
Fnorg Belvar 6. Fnorg Belvar 5193
Slap Yoface 7. Slap Yoface 4622
Paragot Bezier 8. Paragot Bezier 4350
Fe Long Amouh 9. Fe Long Amouh 3734
Velts Engren 10. Velts Engren 3726
Agustus Ostus 11. Agustus Ostus 3472
Bios Ellecon 12. Bios Ellecon 3472
Dark Cookiez 13. Dark Cookiez 3472
Mark Rain 14. Mark Rain 3472
Toronagga Darklake 15. Toronagga Darklake 3005
Shai Chakaid 16. Shai Chakaid 1885
Rezda Nardieu 17. Rezda Nardieu 1439
Mhzentul Lafarius 18. Mhzentul Lafarius 1358
Serendipity Wolfson 19. Serendipity Wolfson 1314
Marcus Lines 20. Marcus Lines 1294
Kale Knillington 21. Kale Knillington 1052
Takar Aivo 22. Takar Aivo 1005
Battiatus Varo 23. Battiatus Varo 931
Frood Frooster 24. Frood Frooster 930
wrynna MMMCCXIV 25. wrynna MMMCCXIV 902
Petyr Alderion 26. Petyr Alderion 888
One Two Buklemaschu 27. One Two Buklemaschu 886
Kiron Blackwing 28. Kiron Blackwing 782
Roland Dakar 29. Roland Dakar 774
Rogwar Toralen 30. Rogwar Toralen 635
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