Corporation details - Merchants Trade Consortium [MTCU]
Alliance: The Last Chancers. CEO: Freighter Girl
Kills: 38 HQ:
Losses: 12 Members: 4
ISK destroyed: 22.39B Shares: 1100
ISK lost: 1.07B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 95.45% Website:
Wormhole class 4 based PVP Corp

Were currently recruiting, we have every aspect of the game covered. Were interested in fairly experienced adults with a relaxed attitude, focussed on PVP. We run a flat tax, Doctrine Ship Replacemnt Program, Scouting reward program, frequest ops, baiting, bashes, and tons of other corp services. If it can be done in W-Space, we do it. Questions? Join
MTCU public!

Found our POCO's? Join the pub channel and contact us for more information!
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