Corporation details - Fliegenbub Industries [FLIE]
Alliance: Care factor CEO: MeisterFlieger ZeldiaGeorge
Kills: 11 HQ:
Losses: 0 Members: 34
ISK destroyed: 2.70B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 0.00B Tax Rate: 15%
Efficiency: 100.00% Website: http://
Fliegenbub Industries (FLIE) is a corporation dedicated to its pilots, and is happy to welcome new and old pilots from all races in the game. The organization of this corp is a blend of a US Military style chain of command along with a traditional corporate democracy.

Fliegenbub Industries is looking for people who want to help build this corporation into something great.

The corporation is looking for many different pilots, with experience in all area's as well as new members eager to learn, and grown their knowledge and enjoyment from the game.

Industry is the primary focus of FLIE. Manufacturers are charged with building items, equipment and ships for the use and/or sale of the corporation. The industry department will also run trade routes and places orders to sell and buy items based on the needs of the corp as well as provide logistic hauling for all other departments.

FLIE is looking for pilots who specialize in mining to help fuel our mission. Miners are the backbone of any corporation, primarily one with industry at its roots. You will provide all kinds of minerals and funds for the corp, as well as supply the Industrial Officers with their required goods to accomplish their tasks.

Any corporation needs a war fleet. FLIE needs war pilots who are willing to fight with corpmates and help secure our assets. The military will provide income and generate good standings with agents through the completion of missions. There are regular fleet missioning ops, where pilots will get together to help complete challenging missions together, as well as fleet hunting ops. Hunting ops we get together, seek and destroy NPC combat anomalies. The military is also charged with protection of the corporation, acting as our security. If we need to transfer goods through Low-Sec space, you will be there to escort us.

All Members regardless of chosen department are encouraged to keep their military skills and equipment as a secondary concern so anyone can be recruited to help if a military need arises.

Rank rewarding system is based on the needs of the corp. Officers will be promoted as the need for them arises. Promotions will be based on member account activity, corp involvement, trust and re-pore with other members, acquired certificates in their field, and granted awards.

What do we offer?

-Null Sec Living
-Weekly Mining Ops
-Weekly PvP roams with alliance mates
-Other daily PvP and PvE activities
-Access to many Upwell structures
-Ore Buyback Program
-Ore Reprocessing Program

Join us in our pub for a drink!
FLIE [Pub]

NOTE: Real life comes first. Always place it first before game time. You will not be kicked out or penalized if your family or friends, or even work, need you.

Applicants please provide us with your:
Time zone?
Do you have an area of interest in Eve?
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