Corporation details - Matsuya Heavy Industries [MTSUY]
Alliance: None CEO: Misaki Matsuya
Kills: 14 HQ:
Losses: 113 Members: 12
ISK destroyed: 3.42B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 24.53B Tax Rate: 5%
Efficiency: 12.24% Website: http://
Welcome to Matsuya Heavy Industries.

We are looking for mature friendly people who like to play.

* Mature helpful crew
* PVE, Mining
* Manfucaturing/Trade
* New Players Welcome

* Now looking for PVP players with Null-Sec experience.

Matsuya Heavy Industries is a laid back corp consisting of people playing together for company and a laugh who make thier own fun. If you are expecting to be told what to do and daily activities etc look elsewhere. We are all mature hardworking individuals where RL and our job/family comes before eve. Small Mining ops are run through out the week. Mission ops are run occasionally in between times. If you are looking for a corp where you can relax, find your own fun with few constraints and have a bit of a laugh in the process, then throw us a line...

Prefered TimeZone:

Western USA

Reqs:- non piracy and pref Gall/Minnie/Neutral mission based, 2M sp's

Sorry, no trial accounts accepted.

Drop us a line if you have further questions

Empty applications will be declined - please write a brief introduction about yourself and why you would like to join us when you apply.
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