Corporation details - Royal Amarr Institute [RIN]
Alliance: None CEO: Yihihnin Ethour
Kills: 110 HQ:
Losses: 50 Members: 750506
ISK destroyed: 311.97B Shares: 100000000
ISK lost: 4.81B Tax Rate: 11%
Efficiency: 98.48% Website:
One of the oldest educational facilities in the world of EVE, the institute's origin date from the era when the Amarr were still confined to their continent on Amarr Prime; before the empire and the Great Reclaiming.
Top Losers
September 2020
Pilot Losses
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Pilot Losses
Market Tycoon 1. Market Tycoon 3
Takesha Ohu 2. Takesha Ohu 2
Nadezhda Bakuleva 3. Nadezhda Bakuleva 2
SliceOfToast 4. SliceOfToast 2
jrHeBi Craft 5. jrHeBi Craft 2
Kirin Ral 6. Kirin Ral 2
Clive Arkaral 7. Clive Arkaral 2
Djerek Botari 8. Djerek Botari 2
dimika Dimaloun 9. dimika Dimaloun 2
Myxo Veliar 10. Myxo Veliar 2
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