Corporation details - Vector Galactic [G-REG]
Alliance: None CEO: Syco Saisima
Kills: 12 HQ:
Losses: 6 Members: 47
ISK destroyed: 169.68B Shares: 10000
ISK lost: 0.51B Tax Rate: 5%
Efficiency: 99.70% Website:
"We're those good guys who do those bad things, but still remain somehow good."

Vector Galactic - Lowsec PVP Savants

CEO: Dartarkwon Jones
Directors: Syco Saisima, Nicodymus, Natirri Eyrou,
Recruiters: USTZ
Natirri Eyrou, Sev Gannon, Azamat Baganatow

Public Chat: Vector Pub

If you think our POCO tax is high make sure you have trained
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