Corporation details - Pator Tech School [PTS]
Alliance: None CEO: Eurolring Korneri
Kills: 76 HQ:
Losses: 57 Members: 559061
ISK destroyed: 69.16B Shares: 100000000
ISK lost: 0.74B Tax Rate: 11%
Efficiency: 98.94% Website:
Pator Tech School was founded on the principle of helping gifted Minmatar children to be better qualified for high-level positions; something the republic was in dire need of when assembling a new government and administration virtually from scratch. This principle has held intact to this day, even if the foundations of the republic were firmly set a long time ago.
Top Killers
September 2019
Pilot Kills
All time
Pilot Kills
Apollo Gengod 1. Apollo Gengod 20
Shaqil 2. Shaqil 19
Azralzer Sokarad 3. Azralzer Sokarad 14
Xana Sabo'jinard 4. Xana Sabo'jinard 7
Valen Toranaga 5. Valen Toranaga 7
Pixie Pearl 6. Pixie Pearl 2
Fooooooobar 7. Fooooooobar 1
Robert Lee Yates 8. Robert Lee Yates 1
Amadeo Giannini 9. Amadeo Giannini 1
Pastiernoob 10. Pastiernoob 1
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